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80% of cyber security incidents have a significant human influence. Recent advances in both technical security and user training have done little to affect this metric, which tells us that current solutions aren’t doing enough to improve the human factor.

We understand that changing behaviours isn’t always straightforward, but the increasing risks and costs associated with cyber make this challenge too big to ignore. Our unique approach takes a human-focused view of the digital workplace, combining Behavioural Science, Business Architecture and Security Advice. This provides an accessible and holistic solution with a consistent focus on business value.






Our ground-breaking Secure Behaviour framework has been developed through our extensive experience of change delivery and consultancy in high-security environments. We have brought together research in Behavioural Science, Risk Management and Security Trends, in conjunction with a practical, real-world set of proven change techniques. This offers an end-to-end capability to establish and maintain constructive security behaviours throughout your organisation.





Our easy-to-use Behavioural Assessment generates a human-risk heatmap that provides detailed insight into the factors influencing security behaviour across your communities of interest.



Use the insight from your assessment to identify and prioritise a set innovative and practical behaviour interventions that will have the greatest impact for the people in your organisation.




We don’t just throw you a ‘to-do’ list and walk away. Our experienced practitioners will support you through the change process to ensure you achieve lasting benefit.


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  • Founded in 2008 by an ambitious team who wanted to deliver a more human service than many larger IT and consultancy providers.
  • Our leadership has over 50 years of practical experience delivering organisational & behaviour change, and provide trusted support to some of the biggest players in UK Cyber Security.
  • We keep up to date with evolving security threats and practices to help you manage risks in an ever-changing environment.



Our Leadership Team

Elizabeth Lamb

Elizabeth is our lead Change Management Practitioner with a strong track-record designing and leading change programmes.

She regularly coaches our customers on the benefits of strong cultures and 21st Century working environments that encourage high-performing teams.

Gareth Cullen-Jones

Gareth heads our Strategy and Organisation Design work, helping C-Suite customers to define productive strategies and supporting organisation models.

He ensures that our solutions integrate effectively with your wider organisation plans in order to maximise value.


Phil is our Solution Architect and has 20 years experience implementing creative and pragmatic solutions to complex business challenges.

He is passionate about demystifying the cyber and digital landscape to make it accessible for all.

Our network of skilled associates provides the capacity to tackle larger scale challenges, with support from our supply partners who provide expertise in Psychology, Assessment Design, Training & Communications and Technical Security

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